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Learn at the right level for you and follow a clear progression route from absolute beginners to advanced level Welsh.

There are 3 ways to study:

Fast Track (4 hours a week) - For those who want to learn quickly, these popular courses offer fast progress and more contact with the language to boost confidence.

Once a Week Classes (2 hours a week) - Learn at a slower place once a week with the option of supplementing your progress with our day schools and weekend courses.

Online - You can choose to study any of our Welsh courses online via Skype free video calls.

How do I enrol?

Choosing the right course

General Welsh for Adults Courses

Our General Welsh for Adults Courses are based on the WJEC series of books - Mynediad, Sylfaen and Canolradd which have a homework book and a series of CD�s. These are 2 hours a week over a 2 year period covering each book. Revision is built into these courses with every 5th unit being a revision unit, and further support is provided on our on-line Moodle platform Y Bont and informal learning activities.

Experienced learners use the Cardiff University Uwch course which is generally 3 hours a week and can be followed for up to 4 years.

For our very experienced learners we have the Hyfedredd Course which utilises Welsh Language magazines, TV, radio and other original source material.

On-line courses

Some of our Fast Track courses are blended courses with one face to face session and then work online.

One other way of learning a new language is through the use of Skype - a computer programme that allows someone to make free video calls to another computer. The nice thing about Skype is that one can receive immediate feedback from the tutor and learn from corrections made in the language one learns. It becomes easier to learn a new language when one has someone else to correct the mistakes made when speaking the language and many people want to practice speaking. Contact Steffan Webb or Skype or phone 01495 333735 to discuss your needs.

Fast Track

The Fast track courses (Mynediad Fast track/Sylfaen Fast track) include one three hour session in class, and one hour on-line study. During the first year (Mynediad Fast track), learners will cover 30 units of work with one unit being covered every week. The final 30 units of work (Sylfaen Fast track) will be covered during the second year.

The course is designed to enable the learners to use basic phrases in both the present and past tense very early on in the course so that learners are able to converse in the classroom without the use of English after only a few weeks. Although conversational Welsh is the main aim of the course, learners also get a chance to practise reading, writing and listening skills.

At the end of the first year learners have the option of sitting their first examination at Mynediad (Entry) level at no extra cost. And at the end of the second year, the choice to sit the Sylfaen (Foundation) level of examination.

Although learning Welsh through the Fast track courses requires a fair amount of commitment and drive from the learner, it can also give back a lot of satisfaction as progression is rapid. The classes are hard working with the pace being fast and steady but the methods of teaching are fun, informal and enjoyable.

Welsh for the Family

Practice your skills, have fun and get your whole family involved in learning Welsh with our flexible family courses.

As all children in Wales now learn Welsh as part of the curriculum, our Welsh for the Family courses help parents, family and friends to support children learning Welsh in school.
The classes take place in both Welsh and English medium schools, nurseries and mother and toddler groups and are designed to fit around you and your family.

We also offer a taster course, Welsh from the Cradle, for parents of babies who are 0-36 months old which include 10 sessions and introduces simple language patterns and phrases.

Welsh in the Workplace

Bilingualism offers a wider choice of career prospects to people in Wales. Research has also shown that bilingual staff are likely to earn more than staff unable to speak Welsh.

The ability to speak Welsh is increasingly being acknowledged as an important skill to have in the workplace.

Our Gwent Welsh for Adults Centre provides Welsh in the Workplace classes to many public, private and voluntary sector organisations in the Gwent area. Public bodies working in Wales are required to provide bilingual services in accordance with the Welsh Language Act and can help to meet these obligations through staff training.

Additional Courses - Weekend, Week and Day Schools

Outside the classroom

Informal Learning is responsible for 80%, so our Welsh centre offers many opportunities for you to practice your Welsh in a friendly and informal atmosphere.

From coffee morning to reading clubs, trips and Christmas parties, check our website and social media pages for our latest events.

Weekend courses

Meet people, have fun and improve your skills on one of our Welsh weekend courses run throughout the year.

Run at the college's Pontypool campus, these courses are informal and let you revise previous topics learned, as well as practising your skills with others learning Welsh.

Summer Schools

Summer Schools are a great way to end each year, and if you're a new learner, then they are a good way of starting your learning Welsh journey.

Meet other learners, and share tips and experiences. Choose from 8 levels of classes including absolute beginners. The school is a great introduction if you're thinking of starting a weekly course in September.

Summer schools offer excellent value for money including 30 hours of tuition over five days, a buffet lunch, and refreshments throughout the day.

Why not bring some friends or your classmates? Have a look at our calendar in the back of this year's brochure for dates.

Day Schools

Day Schools are organised by our Welsh for Adults partners and take place throughout Gwent.

They are similar to the weekend courses but take place on a Saturday. They include 5 hours of learning and refreshments.