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Do you want to learn Welsh?

Congratulations! You've taken the most important step in learning Welsh - you've decided to join the thousands of people in Wales learning Welsh. Learning Welsh can be the key to a whole range of new experiences - making many new friends through our informal learning activities, social networking, watching S4C, listening to Welsh radio, music, books, magazines, Eisteddfodau and societies will be opened to you!

How quickly will I learn Welsh?

Of course, your rate of success will depend on how much practise you can put in. It's simple, the more Welsh you speak, in and out of class, the quicker you'll learn. Don't worry about making mistakes, everyone does, and it's all part of the learning process! One way of getting extra practise is the many social activities organised by the staff of the Welsh for Adults Centre. You will have the chance to use your Welsh, whatever your level, in a relaxed atmosphere (no lessons!) with other learners and Welsh speakers. Various activities such as quizzes, twmpathau dawns, singing and treasure hunts as well as chats with other learners, are arranged. Why not try out your Welsh on a sympathetic ear and find out what's on from the Centre?

First of all it's as well to be honest with yourself! If you don't really want to learn Welsh, you won't. But, if you are determined, you will succeed! Today, the emphasis is on speaking Welsh - forget your schooldays! Have fun whilst learning!

There are 3 types of courses for Welsh learners-

Choosing the right course

Fast Track: Getting there quickly! (4 hours a week)

These courses are for those who want to learn quickly. Frequent contact with the language boosts your confidence. Progress is fast and the success rate very high, especially if you've done some Welsh already. If you can spare the time, these are the best courses for you. Book early as these courses are very popular!

Once a week classes (2 hours a week)

Progress will be slower by learning once a week but you can supplement it with Day Schools and Weekend Courses. Despite the slower progress, many learners have enjoyed learning this way and have succeeded.


Skype enables people to make free video calls from one computer to another and allows us to provide one to one lessons, wherever you are. All Welsh levels can be followed through Skype with the Gwent Welsh for Adults Centre. Contact Steffan Webb or Skype or phone 01495 333735 to discuss your needs.

Book early as these courses are very popular! Call 01495 333 710!
or Email

Additional Courses - Weekend, Week and Day Schools

We run Weekend Courses throughout the year at the Pontypool Campus of Coleg Gwent. These involve 14 hours of lessons with very experienced tutors. Classes are informal, giving you time to revise previous patterns learned in class. The weekends are a perfect opportunity to use your Welsh, whatever your level. You will meet learners from all over the country who are learning the language, and that are in the same situation as you. There are classes for learners at all levels on the weekend courses, including a Welsh for the Family class, in which parents, grandparents and friends of families learn together with their children.

At lunchtime, you will have an opportunity to browse through books, dvds and gifts from the two Welsh book shops that are present in all weekend courses. Coffee, tea and biscuits will be provided throughout the day.

Summer Schools are held every year. The Summer Schools are a perfect way to end the year, and will prepare you for entering the next phase. If you're a new learner, then it is a good way of starting your learning Welsh journey. Come and meet other learners who have taken the same path as you. Ask them for tips on learning Welsh and how the experience has been for them.
The Summer Schools are excellent value, which include 30 hours of tuition over five days. The bargain price also includes a buffet lunch, and teas and coffees throughout the day. There will be 8 different levels of classes, including a class for absolute beginners as an excellent introduction if you are thinking of joining a weekly course in September. Come along to one of our courses, there will be a suitable level for you. Why not bring some friends or your classmates? Have a look at our calendar in the back of this brochure for dates. Don't miss out on the opportunities available to improve your Welsh and give your confidence a boost! We look forward to seeing you.

Day Schools are organised by our WfA Partners and take place throughout Gwent. They are similar to the weekend courses (see above), but take place on a Saturday. They include 5 hours of learning, again with very experienced tutors. The Day Schools include tea, coffee and biscuits too!!

Day Schools and Weekend Courses

Why not give it a try? Call 01495 333 710! or Email

Now that you're learning Welsh, you'll have realised that the secret of success is to practise your Welsh (however much you have!) as much as possible.