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First of all be honest with yourself! If you don’t really want to learn Welsh, you won’t. But if you are determined, you will succeed!

Today, the emphasis is on speaking Welsh – forget your schooldays! Have fun whilst learning!

"Learning Welsh is a journey", with two main pathways

PROGRESSION ROUTE: From beginners to fluency

Intensive Courses

WLPAN Intensive courses are for those who want to learn quickly. Frequent contact with the language boosts your confidence. Progress is fast and the success rate very high, especially if you've done some Welsh already. If you can spare the time, these are the best courses for you. Once you've completed an intensive course, you'll be well on the way to complete fluency.

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Once a Week Class

For many, one class a week is the most they can spare. Obviously your progress will be slower than if you were to take the intensive class, but you can supplement it with Day Schools and Weekend Courses . Despite the slower progress, many learners have enjoyed learning this way - and succeeded.

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Now that you're learning Welsh, you'll have realised that the secret of success is to practise your Welsh (however much you have!) as much as possible.