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Exams!! Don't worry help is here!
1st June 2014
Your tutor will prepare you for the
exams in your weekly classes from
now until May/June, but remember

Trip to the Wales National Library, Aberystwyth
7th March 2014
Trip Lyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru yn Aberystwyth

Ar ddydd Gwyl Dewi, fe aeth criw ohonyn ni i fyny i...

Caru Rygbi? Welsh session Rugby Style!
3rd March 2014
A unique and fun session to learn traditional Welsh rugby songs, familiar rugby phrases and banter over a pint with our...

Ysgoloriaeth Dan Lynn James Scholarship 2014
18th February 2014
The purpose of the Dan Lynn James Scholarship is to give financial support to Welsh learners who wish to improve their Welsh...

New Events!
30th January 2014
Click here for our new upcoming events?


September 2012: Manylion (444K)

April 2012: Welsh for Adults SUmmer School 2012 (1.25M)

January 2012: Six Nations (154K)

June 2011: Llais Y Dysgwr (300K)

April 2011: Cadwyn Gwent 65 (2K)

January 2011: Welsh in the Workplace Brochure (112K)

January 2011: Welsh for the Family Brochure (187K)

August 2009: Cadwyn Gwent Rhifyn 58 (1.45M)

April 2009: Cadwyn Gwent Rhifyn 57 Rhan 4 / Part 4 (1.28M)

April 2009: Cadwyn Gwent Rhifyn 57 Rhan 3 / Part 3 (2.41M)

April 2009: Cadwyn Gwent Rhifyn 57 Rhan 2 / Part 2 (1.34M)

April 2009: Cadwyn Gwent Rhifyn 57 Rhan 1 / Part 1 (1.68M)

December 2008: Cadwyn Gwent Rhifyn 56 (2.38M)

August 2008: Cadwyn Gwent Rhifyn 55 (1.9M)

December 2007: Cadwyn Gwent Rhifyn 53 (1.61M)

July 2007: Cadwyn Gwent Rhifyn 52 (1.02M)

April 2007: Cadwyn Gwent Rhifyn 51 (1.98M)