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2015/16 Prospectus - Download NOW!
1st September 2015


Outside the classroom
1st August 2015
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New courses starting in your area
1st August 2015
Don't miss out this year!

With the Urdd Eisteddfod coming to Caerphilly in 2015 and the National Eisteddfod...

Celebrating Success!
1st August 2015
Celebrating the success of our learners are very important to us here at the Centre and of course it is important for...

Whatever you do during the summer - DO IT IN WELSH!!!
12th June 2014
Well here we are at the end of another academic year - more or less!

Everyone - tutors and learners - have...


September 2012: Manylion (444K)

April 2012: Welsh for Adults SUmmer School 2012 (1.25M)

January 2012: Six Nations (154K)

June 2011: Llais Y Dysgwr (300K)

April 2011: Cadwyn Gwent 65 (2K)

January 2011: Welsh in the Workplace Brochure (112K)

January 2011: Welsh for the Family Brochure (187K)

August 2009: Cadwyn Gwent Rhifyn 58 (1.45M)

April 2009: Cadwyn Gwent Rhifyn 57 Rhan 4 / Part 4 (1.28M)

April 2009: Cadwyn Gwent Rhifyn 57 Rhan 3 / Part 3 (2.41M)

April 2009: Cadwyn Gwent Rhifyn 57 Rhan 2 / Part 2 (1.34M)

April 2009: Cadwyn Gwent Rhifyn 57 Rhan 1 / Part 1 (1.68M)

December 2008: Cadwyn Gwent Rhifyn 56 (2.38M)

August 2008: Cadwyn Gwent Rhifyn 55 (1.9M)

December 2007: Cadwyn Gwent Rhifyn 53 (1.61M)

July 2007: Cadwyn Gwent Rhifyn 52 (1.02M)

April 2007: Cadwyn Gwent Rhifyn 51 (1.98M)